If a client is unable to make a trip to our gallery and see the painting(s) in person, we are more than happy to ship the pieces to you before making a commitment. In the event that a purchase is not made, we ask that you simply place it back into the box and return it to the gallery. We only ask that you pay for the shipping expense incurred back to the gallery. We would also provide you with a gallery credit of the shipping charges toward your next future purchase.


What many clients have done is what is called a "Home Show". This is where we can either come to you house with a number of selected paintings (either online or in person) and begin to place the artworks in various places to see how it feels. If proximity is an issue, then we can arrange for the "Paintings Out On Approval" alternative as mentioned above.


The reason Zantman has been in business for almost 60 years is because of our belief in the artworks. Zantman's guarantee is for one year. If for what ever reason you would like to make an exchange on your item purchased, you have an exchange value dollar for dollar on what you spent. Therefore, you never should feel hesitant in making your acquisition. All of our paintings will find a home and we want you to be happy.