About the Artists:

Ukrainian Artist



Sabina completed her studies in the early 70's at the University of Kiev, in the Ukraine.

It is through a vigorous and powerful technique perfected by Sabina that she presents to the spectator contemporary scenes of landscapes and floral arrangements. Her varied color palette includes many brilliant and bold shades all to be counter-balanced by subtle hues. An intensity of light adds to a very profound sense of artistic maturity in her work. Her technique includes a very thick application of paint giving a much defined three-dimensional aspect to her subject. To complete the piece, Sabina paints fine lines, joyously finding their way through the branches and leaves, giving a sense of lightness and delicateness to the finished art work.

Many public and private collectors have added works by Sabina to their collection, as the quality and maturity of her work is already being admired and appreciated by many.