Giner Bueno

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Giner  Bueno Nino En La Playa
Nino En La Playa
Oil on Canvas
21 x 32 in
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Giner  Bueno Barca De Pesca
Barca De Pesca
Oil on Canvas
32 x 21 in
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Giner  Bueno En La Playa
En La Playa
Oil on Canvas
26 x 39 in
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Giner  Bueno

Giner Bueno

Giner Bueno Biography



 As the son of a well known painter, Giner Bueno was nurtured in an artistic family.  Giner’s father, Luis, studied under Joaquin Sorolla, a remarkable impressionist of his time, who is now recognized as a modern master of impressionism.  These great artists had an impact and influence on Giner and his artistic development.  As he grew he often passed time drawing and painting, further developing his talents.  During his formal studies at the fine art schools in Valencia and Paris, his exceptional talent matured.

 Bueno is a Spanish painter who paints with delicate sensitivity and a profusion of color.  With a luminous and expressionist style of impressionism, Bueno fosters the techniques that are associated with the Godella and Valencian Schools.

When looking at what influences Bueno’s subjects, one naturally looks to Valencia and the surrounding beaches.  These areas play a vital role in the lives of the fishermen and their families.  Bueno often chooses this area and the people who center their lives around the area as his subjects.  He elects to make the genre of their lives remarkable.  As an observer he takes within himself all the accumulated vitality and later expresses it on canvas with generosity.  With a dreamlike illusion Bueno takes what has been captured by the eye and blends it with the light of the atmosphere.  The result is a work that echos the jovial and transcendent beauty of the images found within the world and mind of Giner Bueno.

 Zantman Art Galleries is proud to represent this accomplished impressionist painter.

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