About the Artists:

Amazing Ukrainain painter who paints in acrylic utilizing truly unique cubes and geometric shapes.  Beautiful depictions of Parisian streetscapes.  



Born in Kiev, Ukraine

Aleksandra obtained her fine art diploma at Kiev in Ukraine. She also worked in her field as a teacher and designer.

Her source of inspiration is the charm and splendor of Paris.   Her depictions of couples strolling through the picturesque streets also beautifully conveys the romance associated with Paris.  

The technique she uses to apply her paint is truly unique and sets her apart from other artists.  Through her paintings, Aleksandra explores the use of cubic forms.  It consists of applying the paint in a very structured and geometric fashion, yet producing harmony and warmth.  Her color composition is rich, yet subdued, enabling the maturity of this contemporary artist to shine through.

 Zantman Galleries is proud to present this talented artist.